Employee Happiness

Happy employees work better, but how to keep them happy? It’s often the case that we don’t find out staff are unhappy until it is too late and they have handed in their resignation. A regular turnover of employees leads to lack of continuity in the work place and lack of confidence in colleagues. How do we create a happy workplace?

Reward Your Employees

It’s important to acknowledge a good piece of work. We all like a pat on the back. It could be as simple as sending a quick email to say, “I appreciate what you have done today!” There could be an employee of the week award where the winner gets a voucher for the local juice bar. There are endless possibilities and they do not have to cost a lot of money or take up too much of your time.


Be there for your employees, find time to listen. You could send “Touching Base” emails to see how things are going, have weekly skype meetings if you have staff working remotely, or a fortnightly team lunch to get everyone chatting. People need to feel valued and know that they have a boss they can talk to if they need to.

Set an Example

A “first in–last out” policy is a good one to work by. If your employees think their boss does not work hard, why would they?

Distribute Workloads Fairly

Make sure everyone knows who is doing what and when, that way there can never be a negative attitude about work distribution. Even if it means having a rota for who empties the bin in the kitchen, it’s important that no one feels as though they are treated unfairly.

Be Flexible

If you do not want staff phoning in sick because they want to get to see their child’s “Sharing Assembly” (costing you a whole day in temp wages or lost work) be flexible about time off. Have a policy of openness and fairness,

If you can find someone to cover your work, or if you can make up the time… go for it, and don’t forget to take tissues!

Foster a Culture of Sharing and Helping

Not only should this be in terms of workload but also encourage employees to bring into the work space other skills and passions. For example, how about “Picnic Friday” where everyone brings in something for a shared lunch, this encourages people to showcase their culinary skills and opens up other channels of conversation. Or what about a monthly sports and social club where someone can teach everyone a new skill or organise a sporting event.

You want your employees to like coming to work. With a happy environment problems are solved more easily and people work together as a team more effectively. So, it’s just a case of finding what works for your workplace, your chance to be creative, anything goes.

You might wonder what inspired this blog. I recently visited an company that had a monthly visit from a masseuse, I hung around long enough to get a turn, the same is true for their employees, reduced churn and less stress. A master-class in employee benefits.

If this blog has got you thinking, here is a link to a company that offer workplace massages, I’m sure there are many more out there too. On site massages

Here is a website that specialise in providing rewards and treats for employees, it might be worth signing up and seeing what they offer. Perkbox – Employee Treats

Here are some top tips on how to listen

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