AWOL Employees

If one of your employees doesn’t arrive at work one morning, what do you do? Maybe at first you aren’t concerned, you know the traffic was terrible, but as the minutes turn into an hour you start to realise they aren’t just running late… What do you do?

Check Their Work Diary

Firstly review their schedule, did they have an offsite meeting this morning? A dentist appointment you’ve forgotten about? Ask their colleagues if they said anything to them about being in late today.

Have They Called in Sick?

If you’ve not received any voicemails or messages, have they let your Occupational Health team know they are unwell? Do you have a sick line they may have called? Ideally, they would let you know in the first instance, but it is worth checking who else they could have informed.

Attempt to Contact Them and Their Next of Kin

If it becomes apparent, they should be in work, and they have not called in sick then you must try to contact them. It’s essential to have up to date contact information on your employee database. If you can’t get hold of them, try their next of kin. Make sure that you keep the employee’s next of kin details up to date or else you could end up having an awkward conversation with the employees’ ex-wife!

If It Becomes Clear That This is an Unauthorised Absence, Take Action

When an employee commits misconduct, it is always due to conduct or capability.

If its capability ‘CAN’T do’ then ensure the employee is trained to follow the correct procedure in future (i.e., calling in sick by 9am, updating their diary, etc.).

Make sure your employee handbook is up to date and explicit in the process of planning and declaring absence.

If there is no justifiable reason for the employee not attending work or informing you, then you need to handle this formally under conduct ‘WON’T do’.

Make a note on their employee record that they were absent without official leave and refer to your relevant disciplinary policy for next steps. The reason for absence and the time it took to inform you will determine the action you take.

My name is Phill Rodgers and I am the creator of Alpaka. I sincerely hope you find Alpaka useful and enjoy using it as much as we enjoy building it.

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