Inner Child

After a recent family trip to Centre Parcs I felt exhilarated, relaxed and I’m sure I had fewer wrinkles, despite spending hours in the water. This got me thinking ‘Why?’. Of course, spending time with loved ones is an excellent tonic, but I think it was also because I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and did stuff that made me scream like I did when I was a child! I went on one water slide where I really did think I might die, and I screamed until my throat hurt. It was great fun, and really made me laugh once I had recovered!.

My son wanted to try the tree-top challenge, but because of his age, an adult had to go with him. Rather than volunteering my husband, I thought I would go for it – a chance for some quality time with my boy.

My heart was pounding from start to finish. My son, aged 5, kept looking back at me and saying.

Mummy, your face looks all worried, you’re scared aren’t you! I’m not scared, this is easy!!!

What beautiful words of encouragement?! I wouldn’t say I felt at home on the tree-top challenge, but I felt great when it was over and even got a badge which I wear with as much pride as my kids do. It is just a shame I can’t show mine in assembly too.

Facing these new challenges gave me the chance to forget my responsibilities, move out of my comfort zone and have a sense of wild abandon for a little while; much like a child does. How can we recreate these feelings of being young again – when life seemed more fun – on a more regular basis? We are all in danger of getting bogged down with bills and deadlines daily and forget to find time to have fun. Would finding something new to do help reset the life/work balance?

Could You Be More Active?

  • Why not try out adult sessions at a trampoline park
  • Try a water sport
  • Cross-country biking
  • Have you always fancied having a horse riding lesson?
  • Rock climbing?

Could You Be More Creative?

  • Life drawing classes
  • Pottery classes
  • How about learning a new language?
  • Would you LOVE to play the drums?

Could You Be More Sociable?

  • Invite some friends for a dinner party
  • A cocktails and film night
  • Play board games (without having a temper tantrum if you don’t win)
  • Set up a book club or knitting group with your friends.
  • Go to a gig.

It’s time to stop going into work early and staying late, then spending the rest of your time doing chores and feeling too exhausted to enjoy life. It’s time to be adventurous, fearless and less afraid to make mistakes… just like when you were a child. So, find some time for YOU, embrace your inner child and see the beauty in the small things.

If this blog has got you thinking you would like to give something new a go here are some links that might help you on your way.

Here is a directory to help you find an indoor rock climbing centre near you.

This site is an excellent resource for anyone looking to go to a comedy gig

Find a drum teacher near you

Kate balances being COO for a workforce management software product with being an almost perfect human.

Her blogs and expertise are about efficiently handling three obnoxious children and a difficult 42-year-old who wrote this bio.

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