New Years Resolution

Who sets themselves unrealistic New Year’s Resolutions every January and then by February feels deflated that they have already failed to stick?

All of us. So, how can we turn setting New Year’s Resolutions into a positive, worthwhile activity?

Being realistic is the key. Don’t set resolutions that you know deep down you have no intention of sticking to. The balance has to be just right; a bit of a challenge that puts you out of your comfort zone but not something that is wholly unobtainable and will make you feel bad when you do not succeed.

I think the main objective of New Year’s Resolutions is to feel a sense of achievement. If you want to cut down on your alcohol consumption, rather than saying

I’m going to give up alcohol for a whole year!

why not sign up for Dry January first and see how that goes. Have one month as your initial goal and if, at the end of that month, you feel like doing it for longer than do that. There are no rules that say you cannot adapt your resolutions as you go along.

Why not set yourself a few smaller goals that focus on different aspects of your life. You could set a resolution for your work life, a personal development resolution and maybe one that focuses on your home life. For example, for work, you might want to get everyone working better as a team, so your aim might be to organise a staff social activity. For your personal goal, you might feel that it is time to aim for a 10k run as you are now comfortable with running 5k. Your home life goal might be to make it home to read the children’s bedtime stories more often.

So, you don’t have to put numbers or deadlines to your resolutions and get hung up on a significant achievement. Think about what is going to have a positive impact on your wellbeing, and might go towards you adopting some good habits. You don’t always need a medal or a trophy to feel good about yourself, sometimes doing something that puts a smile on your face is enough.

Do you need some inspiration for your resolutions? It doesn’t have to be January for you to make small changes to your work-life balance.

29 New Year’s Resolution Ideas

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