Post Holiday Blues

Is it REALLY all over already? How to Avoid the Post-Holiday Blues? You counted down the days to your holiday for at least SIX months, but it was over quicker than an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians… all too soon you’re back at work. Why is it that as soon as your suitcase hits hallway floor, your holiday feels as though it was a lifetime ago?

As Nicky Campbell might say, “Today’s big question: how can we make that holiday feeling last a little bit longer?” Subsidiary question… How can we bring a little bit of the holiday home and into the workplace?

How about trying out some of these Tip Top Tips?

  • Be a little more adventurous with your packed lunch. What did you love about food and drink on holiday? Could you replicate it at home? Could your packed lunch be a little reminder of your holiday – samphire and quail’s eggs ciabatta – instead of prosaic soggy salad sandwiches?
  • Continue the more laid back, holiday, approach to life …. when work pressure starts to get a little too much, stop and think, “What can I do to relieve the pressure?”
  • Be more spontaneous. Don’t worry so much about routines and rituals. If someone invites you for a post-work coffee or quick whizz round a local gallery, say yes! Don’t worry that it is a Thursday and you usually clean the house ready for the weekend… the dust won’t go anywhere… sometimes you need to.
  • Wear your holiday wardrobe to work! Probably not your speedos or your bikini!! But, could you spice up your workwear with a little bit of colour or a piece of jewellery that reminds you of your holiday? If you holiday in the UK then why not wear your rain mac and welly boots to work and get someone to pour a bucket of freezing cold water over your head. This will surely make you feel as though you are back on the beach with that bag of soggy chips.
  • Invite your colleagues to a photo slide show in their lunch break where you can bore them with the thousands of pictures you took! No, probably don’t do this one, your colleagues won’t thank you, or maybe they will be bringing in the showreel of their break, initiating such fantastic discussions like, “so, what actually is the difference between a donkey and an ass?”
  • You’re probably the same as me and love your job… isn’t it actually quite nice to go back to work and catch up with the gossip and swap holiday stories. You could even get your colleagues a stick of rock to show them what they missed.
  • Don’t forget to bring home a few bottles of the local vino so that after a busy day at work you can put your feet up and enjoy a glass while watching something soothing on the iPlayer while reminiscing about the time you spent waiting for your luggage in reclaim.

…all of which reminds me of my A-Level sociology exam and one particular question: “Holidays are a double-edged, very sharp, sword. Discuss.”

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